We work with investors interested in profiting from property development and investment portfolio creation, but who don’t want the headaches.

Post 2007 economic turmoil created a fantastic opportunity to exploit an undervalued market. Banks are still cautious and respond slowly to proposals from developers.

We offer investors the opportunity to become involved in our projects;

Interest bearing – Property acquired using the investors funds, with the investor noted as Mortgagee on Land Registry documents. We pay annual interest of 8% over an agreed term.

Profit Sharing –Property acquired in the name of a new SPV Limited Company, funded by the investor. Shares in the SPV are allocated, 70% Venture / 30% investor.
Again the investor is noted as Mortgagee on Land Registry documents.
An action plan, also funded by the investor,  is created to turn the project around swiftly and profitably. Net resale Profit shared 70/30.